The Anti-Dump Mechanism

Just like an ATM machine has a max withdrawal limit each day, LOCKPAY also has a max cashout limit on all holders, to prevent unnecessary dumps.
Investors cannot dump the coin because they have a strict cashout limit of up to 5% per day.
This puts a stop to dumps because investors are unable to sell ALL their tokens overnight.
Instead, they need to sell small quantities over time, keeping the price and chart steady and healthy.
The ADM protects your investment like no other crypto
Max Sales Limit
If you hold 1,000,000 tokens, then you can only sell 10,000.
To generate an up-trend in the chart!
1,000,000 X 2% = 20,000
To slowly release sales pressure, which creates downtrend.
1,000,000 X 3% = 30,000
Increase the speed of releasing sales pressure
1,000,000 X 4% = 40,000
Increase the speed of releasing sales pressure
1,000,000 X 5% = 50,000
If a resistant top was reached, then we need to find a natural support, and therefore open 5% until we get some sideways movement, and then re-open 1% to create uptrend again.
1% every 48 hours
1,000,000 X 1% = 10,000 every 48-hours
Designed to bump up after opening 5% max sales rate.