Turning $1,000 into US$587,402 within 2.5 years Explained

When you purchase LockPay tokens, these tokens represent your principle. Then every 30 minutes your compound interest of 0.7%/day is added to your principle and the new total becomes your new principle amount. This is important because your new, updated principle amount is what is used to calculate your next rebase rewards in 30 minutes time.
The amazing thing about this compounding interest is that your balance will grow exponentially over time.
This is why if you were to purchase $1,000 in LockPay tokens, and hold them for 2.5 years, you would then have $587,402 Million $LockPay .
That is the power of compound interest!
This document will explain how LockPay works and why we're able to so confidently tell you about the project.
LockPay is an incredible vehicle to grow your wealth quickly with an unprecedented 58,640.3% ROI within 2.5 years.