Max Sales Transaction

In addition to the ADM, LockPay has another layer of protection.
Because even at the lowest ADM setting (1% sales limit,) some transactions can become quite huge because of the high APY. There is also a max cash out withdrawal limit.
This limit will have a default setting of $3,000 per day.
This means no whale one can take out more than $1,095,000 per year. This puts a stop to needless crashes because investors are unable to sell too big an amount each day.
Instead, they need to sell small quantities over time, keeping the price and chart steady and healthy.
In the future, LockPay reserves the rights to lower the max sales limit to $1,500 USD
No wallet can sell more than $1,500 USD per day, and this is to prevent huge dumps as people are able to compound over time quite quickly. With this max sales transaction amount, you can sell up to $547,500 per year.